14-Day Update & the Future of the D3

We’ve been mining on our Bitmain Antminer D3s for two weeks now, and our profits have been decreasing rather rapidly. We knew profits would go down, but we didn’t anticipate them going down this fast. We started out making around $100/day and are now down to $25-$35/day within two weeks, and the second batch hasn’t even come out yet.

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One of the most popular questions we get is: I ordered an Antminer D3 in the October batch…am I screwed?

You’ll probably be fine. Especially because you paid such a reduced price for it. That batch was around $1450, as opposed to the $2800 I paid for for mine, so you’re trying to make back less money.

The second most popular question we get is: I ordered an Antminer D3 in the November batch…am I screwed?

You might be screwed. We’re really surprised to see how much it’s gone down in just two weeks. The issue with X11 mining is that it’s almost entirely made up of Dash, so even on these multi-coin pools, you’re starting to mine primarily Dash. Some of the other coins have their moments but they quickly just plummet because they just can’t handle that kind of hash rate. However, you’re still making money.

Pool Comparison: We did some pool comparisons for you all that are sticking with your D3. We compared ZPool.ca and GranatGas. We ran a pool comparison for 24 hours (October 2-October 3). We turned the miners on and cut them off at the same time.


GranatGas Results (look at pending balance + balance + paid): ~.103 Dash



ZPool Results (look at Total Earned row): ~0.082 Dash

zpool results

The Results: The earnings were about 0.103 for GranatGas and 0.0824 ZPool. ZPool came had 22% lower results, which is pretty significant. Keep in mind that these earnings were just over one day, not a week where earnings could potentially even out.

Best Pools for Mining D3: This is also a big question we’re asked. We haven’t had much luck with NiceHash, but we’ve had really good payouts on ProHashing (when it’s working). ProHashing has been pretty inconsistent; we’ve had some issues connecting, so it’s not as reliable, but it still has made us the highest earnings out of all of the ones we’ve tried (including ZPool and GranatGas). 

Recap: After about 2 weeks we’re making about $25-$35/day per D3. You also might have noticed the Dash price has gone down pretty significantly over the past few weeks and this is a big factor of that. Over the next couple of weeks as more batches come out, we’ll see if the X11 network can handle all these new machines.

Why Does Bitmain Sell Miners? People also wonder, why does bitmain sell all these miners? Why don’t they just keep them and mine on their own? Look at it from a business perspective. You’re selling X11 tech. There are other companies with X11 tech, so how can you make money and beat them? Simple. Sell a massive amount of miners before the network is clustered. That’s exactly what Bitmain did. They sold the miners for more than they would make if they mined. And not to mention all the infrastructure, power, and upkeep of all of those miners. It’s much easier to produce and sell these than it is to mine with a lot of them.

Our Future with D3s: After seeing these prices plummet, we’re selling our D3s before the next batch comes out. But don’t worry! We’ll still try to update you on D3 content. We’re just trying to look out for ourselves too. We’re not sponsored by Bitmain, so everything we buy is our own money invested and we need to put our money where we think it’s going to maximize its growth.

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