24-Hour Antminer D3 Update

Quick Recap of the Antminer D3: It’s an X11-only miner manufactured by Bitmain. It uses less than 1000 watts and hashes 17.5 GH/s on X11 which was unheard of just a couple of months ago and now it’s kind of the norm.

The Antminer D3s are sold out unless you can scoop one up off the forums like the Bitcointalk, Computer Hardware Classifieds, or CryptoCrane is selling them on Amazon.

Prohashing.com: If you watched my video yesterday, you saw I was mining on Prohashing.com. I mined for about 2 hours and got pretty good results ($4/hr). Naturally results are gradually going to go down as more miners hit their destinations and everyone gets them hashing.

I was on Prohashing.com for about 8 hours overnight and I made about $3.30 per hour, which came out to about $80. Prohashing is a multi-coin mining pool profit switching and you can choose payout in a ton of different coins. Most of them are dead coins, but the big ones are on there too (Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Zcash, etc).

NiceHash: I also checked out NiceHash. You can check out my miner here. I switched over there and was getting better results than when I was on Prohashing yesterday, but I wanted to make sure and check out Prohashing some more. I’d say the results have kind of evened out but NiceHash is slightly better. I’ve been getting about $3.30-$3.50 an hour on NiceHash based on a 3.5 hour period from this morning.

nicehash d3 results

If you notice in the screenshot, I’ve also got a little bit of Lyra. That’s from my computer gaming rig. I’ve just thrown it on there to centralize a little bit of my mining. I had previously tested Hush Pool on there and wasn’t getting the results I wanted so I switched.

Conclusion: Ultimately, as of right now, I would say that NiceHash is paying out a little more than Prohashing. CryptoCrane posted that ZPool was the most profitable in his testing, and I like the most profitable pools, so I’ll be checking that out soon.


I’ve also ordered another Antminer D3 that will be here tomorrow. You read that right: tomorrow! Come back for more on that!

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