Bitmain Antminer L3+ Initial Review

Cost: $1300

Shipping Process: I preordered my L3+ in the third batch of orders and I seemed to be one of the first few to get mine. I didn’t get a notification from Bitmain when it was shipping. I just walked out the door one day and it was there.

Packaging: Nice, foam surrounding the L3+, giving it a lot of cushion. Also had bubble wrap. L3+ was very well-protected.

Setup: Plug and play. Just had to connect the L3+ to the PSU.

Temperature: Definitely throws some heat, but not as hot as other miners I’ve had. The direct intake and outtake fans help with air circulation.

Noise: Not too loud. Sounds like a fan on a low setting.

Build: Good build quality. I like that it’s condensed. You have a simple intake fan and an outtake fan on the other side and that’s it.  I don’t like that the hash boards rattle in the case, but it’s not the biggest deal.

Power Consumption: 4 amps.

Performance: The L3+ claims it mines at 504mH/s, which is really groundbreaking for the Scrypt mining scene. They doubled this from the L3 to the L3+ model and I haven’t seen many L3s for sale so I assume people are happily mining away with them.

But I’m getting well above the 504 mH/s L3+ claims, so I am really happy to see that. In my experience, at least with GPU rigs, my numbers have been lower than the rigs claim they would mine.

Pool & Payout: I’m pulling about 0.77 of a LiteCoin a day which equates to about $33 right now, so I’m getting really awesome returns. I was having a little trouble connecting with the Ant pool that it comes with, but I didn’t bother messing with it; I just went ahead and tried another pool (F2).

F2 Pool is a breeze and is apparently one of the better pools. You also get paid out in Doge Coin—about 1,000 Doge per Lite Coin payout. I’ve only tried mining through F2 Pool, but this guy I was talking to said he gets about 50% more return prohashing using Lite Coin pool. I probably wouldn’t recommend prohashing right now because it can go down and then your miner would rely on a backup pool. I’m too much of a perfectionist and want consistency when it comes to my pools.

Farmable?: Extremely. It would be very easy to scale a farm with L3+s. They don’t take up much shelf space. You’d be more limited by power than space with these.

Comparison to Other Miners: The Baikal Miner was nice; good package, low power consumption, but the ant miner looks like a much more commercial, scalable farming miner.

Overall Review: This is my first Ant Miner and I’m honestly impressed. I can see why they are king of ASIC Mining. I preordered my Antminer L3+ in the third batch of orders. When I placed my order, people were advising not to buy them because they said the difficulty to mine would go up and it would be unprofitable.

If I could go back in time, I would have ordered as many of these as I could.

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