Can you mine on wifi?

I’ve got two rigs that are mining on wifi and they have been doing really well! So what am I using?

Rig #1:  I’m using my gaming computer as a rig (one 1080Ti and one CPU) and running it on NiceHash. It pulls about $4.00 a day on average. I’m using the newer version of the NiceHash miner GUI, so it uses their profit switching algorithm and switches based on what is most profitable at that time. I highly recommend it.

Rig #2: I’m also mining on a stripped down version of my DIY GPU mining rig. I have it mining ZenCash on wifi right now. I’ve only seen a few rejected shares, but I think it’s because of the pool and not the wifi because my other rig hardly gets any rejected shares on wifi, but I could be wrong.

I’m using a Panda Wireless USB Adapter stick (2-day shipping on prime). I plugged it in, it was recognized, I clicked the wifi icon, put in the password, and I’m mining away.

I also bought a Thinkmart AC600, which said would do the same thing, but sure enough it only works on Windows. I’m not saying it won’t work on Linux, but it certainly wasn’t plug and play.

I’ve also found a newer Panda Wireless USB adaptor, but I haven’t tested it out yet. If anyone has, I’d be interested in hearing what you found!

Mining on wifi isn’t recommended and I’m not really recommending it, but you can do it. Whether you don’t have an Ethernet cord that will reach, or don’t have a good spot to connect, etc, mining on wifi is a good alternative.

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