Why You Should NEVER Get a Pandaminer

Pandaminer B3+ Unboxing & Initial Review (May 28, 2017)

At first I was super stoked to get a Pandaminer! It was really hard to track one down. I ended up getting a brand new one from a user secondhand who got it in the second batch of miners.

Cost: I basically paid $3,000 for it. It was originally $2050, but after shipping, a 220V transformer, and PSU it came out to about $3K.

Shipping & Packaging: It came in kind of a unique box… It came it a giant wooden crate with hinges. It also had a smaller box inside of it that’s actually packed very well, but man was that thing sturdy. Mine might have been unique since I got it secondhand.

Setup: The rig was in Chinese when I first set it up and what a nightmare it was to get it in English. I eventually watched enough YouTube videos and read enough guides to figure it out. The guy who sold it to me also included a PVTC 3000 transformer-I don’t recommend it at all. I looked it up and it’s like $70-$80 on Amazon and it barely works. It trips a lot and is extremely frustrating. I also thought the miner would run on HDMI but I had to run and get a VGA/HDMI adapter before I could get connected.

Temperature: The Pandaminer runs very hot. I had to move this thing in my garage and it heated up the whole thing.

Noise: I read online that the noise wasn’t too bad, but oh my gosh. This thing couldn’t be any louder. It sounded like a damn airplane. I had to move it to the garage because I couldn’t stand it.

Build: The case is pretty nice. The box is metal and has a cool little Panda logo on top.

Performance & Power Consumption: It’s supposed to hash 237 MH/s on ETH. It’s only running a 215 hash rate. Power consumption is supposed to be around 1400W.

Pool & Payout: I like the Ethermine Mining Pool a lot. I consistently get excellent results on there. My gaming mining rig usually hashes a little more than it should in that pool. As of early June 2017, I am projected to make about $30/day in ETH with this Panda.

Click here to watch the full unboxing video.

Update: Why You Should Never Buy a Pandaminer (June 6, 2017)

They’re catching on fire.
The original Pandaminer B1 model, which had the 480s have a poor and cheap design and their catching on fire. Don’t believe me? Check out these pictures:


Pandas are mining on Windows 10. And I hate mining on Windows 10.
The more I mine, the more I hate Windows 10. I turned automatic updates off, but somehow my Pandminer keeps updating and is no longer recognizing the GPUs anymore.

There’s no customer support.
You might think: You have problems, why don’t you call their support line? Oh wait…you can’t. So I sent them an email. They finally got back to me after with a file full of drivers…in Chinese. So I tried to download anyway…dragged and dropped the file only to get: “This version of Windows does not support these drivers.” Thanks for sending me a fix that doesn’t work, Pandaminer!

Nothing is working.
So after that didn’t work, I tried SimpleMiner, the SMOS, because I heard it works on some Pandas. I sent the creator of that an email and he says he doesn’t support Panda and doesn’t plan to. I still tried it and sure enough, it doesn’t work.

They’re overpriced and overcharging people who have already paid.
Panda started selling these around $2,000 and their price eventually went up to $2350 for the same exact item. Pandaminer is blaming on their supplier (of course) and the most frustrating part is that they’re raising the price on orders that have already been placed! So you could’ve ordered a Panda for $2100 and now they’re trying to charge you $2350 because the price of parts went up. But wait, at least you’ll also get a PSU that is absolutely terrible. Might as well call their Pandaminer PSU a Pandaminer POS because that’s what it is.

The Pandaminer couldn’t be any louder.
The Pandaminer could not be any louder. Watch my video here if you want to see what I’m talking about.

But wait, maybe there’s hope…
So the only saving grace on this lovely Pandaminer journey I’ve been on is Eliovp’s Pandaminer Operating System. I got a copy and at first it didn’t boot and it hung on a black screen. He told me Pandaminer recently changed their main board settings, and he said he would get back to me. What that will hopefully do is increase my Megahash to 250 and it decreases your power usage. If that can be the saving grace, I will be happy.

Conclusion: NEVER Buy a Pandaminer.
So, my advice is to never by a Pandaminer. Their product is mediocre at best. They’re selling a miner when it’s a hard time to get mining components, so obviously they’re going to sell, but don’t fall for it. You can expect to spend at least $3K on a purchase like this and it’s not worth it.

Update: Pandaminer- Plug & Play Solution or Problem? (June 8, 2017)

So my second Pandaminer (Gen 1 B3+) came in and I first I thought they sent me the wrong one. This looks nothing like the one they advertise on their site. It’s a completely different color. Everywhere I turn, the inconsistencies with this company are just crazy.

This Panda has three main intake fans, and three main outtake fans, which is a totally different design than the other one.

The Pandaminer is totted as an “Out-of-the-Box Mining Solution.” It’s supposed to be a plug-and-play miner. I plug mine in and of course it’s in Chinese again. Luckily I just went through this with the other Pandaminer and I got it switched over to English in a couple of minutes. After that I edited the files, got my mining pool set up, added my wallet address, etc. and it’s only recognizing six GPUs-there’s supposed to be eight in there.

If I could go back, I wouldn’t have bought any Pandaminers, but I ordered this one before I knew about how stressful these miners were going to be. Save yourself the headache.

Update: Pandaminer Saved by Eliovp PandamOS? (June 21, 2017)

In my previous post I mentioned the OS from Eliovp wasn’t working and since then he sent me a different version. I loaded it and we’re up and running! It’s actually really nice, sweet, beautiful, awesome setup.

At first I was having problems with the drivers again but I swapped my PSUs on the Pandas and it fixed the issues. The cards are still not performing where they should be, but hey, at least they’re working. They’re supposed to be above 32 and right now I have two cards at 28 MH/s and the rest are at 20 and that’s not correct. It’s coming out to about 180 MH/s with this rig and it’s supposed to be doing 250. I’m not blaming the OS; I think it’s an issue with the hardware itself.

I’m getting tired of these miners. They say “Plug-and-Play,” but they’re not Plug-and-Play; they’re Plug-and-have-a-massive-headache-and-don’t-play.”

Conclusion: Don’t EVER Buy a Pandaminer!

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