Suprnova: The Best & Most Reliable ZenCash Mining Pool

Initial Testing & Review
This post will specifically review the ZenCash Suprnova Mining Pool. We previously conducted a head-to-head competition between Suprnova, Luckpool, Miningspeed, and Zenmine. This post will go into more details about the winner, Suprnova. If you’d like to view the results of the complete test, you can check out that post here.

We’ve been using Suprnova for a little over two months now. We had shared an initial review after only using it for ten days, and it still remains to be the more reliable and most profitable ZenCash Mining Pool for us to date. It’s been smooth sailing with this pool. We have had zero issues with it so far. It has a nice interface and a lot of people are a fan of the developer of Suprnova, which means its a good pool backed by a good foundation. 

Pool Fee
The pool has a 1% pool fee, which is pretty reasonable. Other pools such as slushpool have a 2% fee and in my opinion, this pool seems to run the most smooth compared to the others.

But, it really comes down to how much Zen you’re earning thought right? You may be here because of the recent ZenCash spike and you want to learn more, so let me share my stats before the spike and my stats now. All stats I share below are from mining using the Trio build shared by fullzero from the Bitcointalk forum (one 1070mini and two 1080Tis).

Suprnova Earnings before the ZenCash Spike
After the transaction fee, I was making about 1.247 ZEN per day, which was about $10-$11 worth of Zen at the time and still about $1-$2 higher than my projected earnings. The Mh/s was around 11 Mh/s and What to Mine pegged the earnings to be around $7.87/day or 0.9856 ZEN after the cost of electric. Suprnova was giving much higher than that. is a great site, but keep in mind it may not be an accurate representation of what your earnings will be. It gives you a good estimate and gives a good baseline to go off of, but in the end, it’s just a calculator.

Suprnova Earnings Now (end of October)
Right now, my earnings have been around $7/day. Since the ZenCash spike, WhattoMine has projected the earnings to be about $5.65/day or .2908 ZEN after electric. So it’s taking me about three days to mine one Zen now. The Mh/s rate is now at 31 Mh/s, so this gives you a little bit of an idea for how much a coin pump can affect your earnings and hashrate.

what to mine zencash 10.23

That’s still a pretty good outcome all things considered, especially for a pool this big. If you look at Suprnova’s hashrate, which runs around 2.5 million Sol/s, it accounts for a massive chunk of ZenCash mining. 

Dashboard: The dashboard is great. It will give you live stat readouts on the main page. It will project your pool hashrate, sharerate, pool workers, global hashrate, price, round progress, and difficulty. If you want a video look at that, you can see that here in our video walkthrough.  

supernova dash


One of the best features of Suprnova is its notifications. It’s been the only Zen pool I have dealt with that gives you any kind of notifications. If you look under My Account and then Notifications, you can adjust the settings so you’ll get an email any time you have an idle worker, new blocks are found, and when you receive a payout. So, if one of my miners goes down, I’ll get a notification letting me know I need to go reset it. This is a big deal especially if you have your entire farm on this pool.

Wallet Address Flexibility
Another cool feature is that under the Edit Account Tab you can change your wallet address anytime. That’s awesome and that’s how it should be. Often times on other pools you have to go and change your payout address on every miner. That sucks.

Automatic Payout Threshold
The automatic payout threshold is another important customizeable feature of Suprnova. Some other pools pay the transaction fee. If you’re holding your Zen long term, you can bump up your payout threshold and you can control your payouts. The less payouts you have, the less amount of times you’re getting charged by the transaction fee. If your plan is to hold, might as well have less payouts and less transaction fees, right? 

Linked Accounts
Another thing to note is that all of the Suprnova pools are linked with the same account. So when you go to the main site, you can log into all of the different pools with the same exact login information. You don’t need to make a separate account for each one.

Ultimately, we’re a huge fan of Suprnova. Their interface is intuitive and has a lot of useful tools. Realistically it feels more advanced than all of the other mining pools and the fact that there are so many customizable options and different pools to mine on through Suprnova is awesome.

My only gripe with Suprnova is that their site is not responsive, so when you try to view their website on mobile, it’s impossible to use. I had to actually Google “Suprnova login” in order to even access the login screen to check my stats. Again, it’s not a huge deal because I can get a notification if a miner goes down, but I would like to be able to easily access my earnings from my phone. I have an iPhone, but apparently there’s an app for Android, but I have not used it.  

For a full review of Suprnova, check our video here:

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2 thoughts on “Suprnova: The Best & Most Reliable ZenCash Mining Pool

  • October 24, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    noob question but how do you mine there. miners i have they require wallet not user name .

  • October 26, 2017 at 8:00 pm

    Great write-up thanks for that. I did have a question? Are there any other miners for Zencash if using Nvidia GPUS other than CUDA?


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