ZenCash Pool Review: Miningspeed

Miningspeed Pool Review:
If you’ve been following Vosk’s ZenCash Pool Showdowns, you might remember, Miningspeed was one of the pools he tested. Although the pool did not perform as well as Suprnova, Luckpool, and Zhash, it has grown and improved since the showdown. Here is a little more about the pool:

Pool Fee: 0.4% for all coins (added 0.4% for BitcoinZ)

Coins Offered: You can mine ZenCash, Hush, Komodo, ZCash, ZClassic, and BitcoinZ on Miningspeed.

Setup: The setup of the actual pool is pretty nice. They have a pretty thorough Getting Started page that walks through detailed instructions on how to setup different types of rigs in the pool. Vosk talks about how to setup your rig with nvOC19 in this video here, and the same settings will apply here.

Dashboard: The dashboard is fairly comprehensive and includes data on the pool history, pool stats, network stats, market performance, and recent blocks. Some of the other features that Miningspeed calls attention to include the following:

  • Dedicated servers
  • Low fees (0.4%) with an additional 0.4% for the BitcoinZ community
  • Low payout balances
  • Stratum and vardiff enabled mining
  • SSL mining for improved security
  • Anonymous Mining
  • PPLNT (pay per last n time) shares payout
  • And Customized templates

Past Performance: We featured Miningspeed during our ZenCash mining pool showdown a few weeks ago. During this showdown, Miningspeed’s servers experienced a malicious attack which caused the servers to go down, halting all mining activity in the pool. While the shutdown was brief, it affected the results of our showdown, and caused Miningspeed to fall into last place. Since the showdown, Miningspeed has demonstrated improved performance.

Showdown Logistics & Results: Vosk used Trio mining rigs to test the ZenCash pools. The Trio build contains two 1080Tis and one 1070 mini and averages around 1700-1800 sols. It’s one of the simplest builds and one we recommend if you’re just getting started. If you are interested in building one, check out our Equipment page. The pool tests were conducted over 22 days. We put identical Trio rigs on each pool during the exact same time period and tested their results. Earning-wise, Suprnova took first place in all of the showdowns, but you can view the full showdown here.

Miningspeed earned about 5.6 ZEN in 22 days while Suprnova’s results were a little over 7 ZEN in 22 days. On current ZenCash prices, Miningspeed’s earnings were about $30 lower than the other pools we compared them with.

Giveaways: Miningspeed has also started to conduct giveaways for their users. For instance, just this week, the pool is giving away 30 ZEN to some of its users to celebrate ZenCash’s release of secure nodes in main net. It would be cool to see more giveaways like these.

For a full review of Miningspeed, check out Vosk’s video here:

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