ZenCash Pool Review: Zenmine.pro

One of the pools Vosk tested in his ZenCash Pool Showdown was Zenmine.Pro. Here’s a little more about the pool and its performance:

Pool Fee: 0%, meaning 100% of block rewards go to the miners

Coins Offered: Zenmine.pro mines ZenCash, but there are other versions of the .pro pool for ETC, DBIX, EXP, ZEC, HUSH, ZCL, and BTG.

Miners Supported: Claymore, Optimer, EWBF, Nicehash, and others.

Setup: The site has a “Connect” page that walks you through how to setup your miner:

how to connect zenmine pro

Minimum Payout: 0.1 ZEN

Dashboard: The dashboard is fairly comprehensive and includes data on the average hashrate, immature balance, unpaid balance, shares, a graph of your miner’s hashrate, as well as rewards payouts and rewards statistics. The look and feel of this dashboard; it’s very clean and easy to find what you’re looking for.

You can also get more detailed stats about your miner, its blocks, rewards, and round share on the “Miners” page of the site. This is a newer pool, but one feature we would like to see is some sort of way to monitor the workers such as having a notification system that sends alerts if a miner goes down.

Some of the features that Zenmine.Pro calls attention to include the following:

  • Anonymous mining
  • DDOS protected servers
  • Real time PPLNS payout scheme
  • Fast ping to Europe, Asia, and USA (additional links at the top of this page)
  • Full Stratum support
  • Efficient mining engine
  • We pay all rewards (blocks & fees)
  • Detailed global and miner statistics

Performance: We had a pretty steady hashrate using this pool. Our Trio is projected to hash around 1800 sols, but averaged around 1700 in this pool. When we used this pool during the comparison, we made about $7/day, which would yield about 0.25 ZEN today. The payouts weren’t too impressive, but its performance was steady. If you watch the comparison video, you’ll see this is one of the best options for mining ZenCash. It fell slightly short to Suprnova’s payouts in our original testing, but it was overall a really good pool that we’d recommend.

Overall: We’d recommend this pool. We haven’t had any uptime issues; connection was a little bit spotty, but overall good. I would recommend this pool if you are newer to mining. It’s a little easier to get situated. All you have to do is drop your wallet address in as the username whereas with other pools like Suprnova, you have to create an account and paste your wallet in there.

To view the whole video review, check out the Zenmine.Pro video here:

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  • December 7, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    i watched the simple miner os video got it working were do i put my wallet address cant find a place i got 6 1070 ti pushing 3000 solo


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