BREAKING: ZenCash Up 200+% – What’s the Mining Profitability of ZenCash?

What is ZenCash?
Before we get into the profitability of ZenCash, let’s review what ZenCash is and what they stand for. ZenCash (ZEN) is basically derived from several forks of Bitcoin. Awhile back, ZCash (ZEC) cloned Bitcoin and added an additional layer of security when they created ZEC. ZenCash then came from another fork off of ZEC, ZClassic, added then added their own development team. The building blocks of ZEN are essentially the same as ZEC, but the ZEN team is driven by different goals and aspirations for the coin, some of which include integrating secure nodes, anonymous publishing, and private and secure messaging for instance. They are all about privacy and security.

If you’ve been following all the crypto action, you may have noticed that ZenCash skyrocketed today (October 19). At one point the coin was up over 205% from the previous 24 hours. So what does this mean for the ZenCash community? Just yesterday, ZenCash was hovering around $7-8 and was selling for as high as $29 today. If you’ve been following our channel, you know we’ve been mining ZenCash for quite some time so we’re happy to see how high it has gone up. Because we’re so familiar with ZenCash, we wanted to share some of what we know. 

ZenCash Wallet Options
If you’re interested in getting into mining ZenCash, you have a couple of wallet options to choose from. Personally, I’m using the Bittrex wallet, but ZenCash also has a Swing Wallet, which has recently added new private messaging feature. They’re also testing a secure nodes tracking app. We really can’t wait to see what they do next.

Mining ZenCash
We have a 3900 sol ZEN and ZEC mining farm with 22 Trios, many of which are mining ZenCash right now. The Trio model is made up of one 1070mini and two 1080Tis; the design of the rig was shared by fullzero on the bitcointalk forum. With the specs of a Trio, the projected income from What to Mine is around $12 right now, the day of the pump. This is the highest we’ve seen it in a while and we know it’s bound to fluctuate as the market continues to adjust. If you’re interested in building a Trio, check out our Equipment page to order parts and check out our How to Build a ZenCash Mining Rig video here


ZenCash Mining Pool Profitability
We have tested mining ZenCash on Suprnova, Luckpool,,, and Miningspeed. Suprnova has been the most profitable pool, by far. Just last month, we conducted a test and put all of the pools up against each other. We hooked up three different rigs to three different pools and compared their results over three weeks. Each rig had the exact same parts and were started and stopped at the same time so the results were fair. 

The pool that came out on top was Suprnova. We’ve continued mining the three different rigs on those pools since that test, and in the total 35 days, we mined 29.373 ZEN on Suprnova, 26.229 ZEN on Luckpool, and 26.025 ZEN on So Suprnova still has come out on top by over 3 ZEN (which is about $75 during this pump). About 2 weeks ago, when we initially released the results of this pool comparison in this video, MineZ.Zone was well behind Luckpool. However, has almost caught up with Luckpool since then. Miningspeed shut down mid test, so we had to redact the results.

If you’re interested in seeing more of a breakdown of our profitability in these pools, check out this blog post here.

Mining Pool comparison chart

Hodl? Or Cash Out?
We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about our early earnings on the ZenCash farm and how they seemed to be pretty low. Many commented saying that ROI would take a while on a trio miner and that GPU mining is dead. However our goal is to mine and hold. We have faith in ZenCash and we’re confident in its future-it just so happened to pay off today. The market is kind of crazy, so our advice is to just find something you believe in and stick with it–it worked for us!

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3 thoughts on “BREAKING: ZenCash Up 200+% – What’s the Mining Profitability of ZenCash?

  • October 21, 2017 at 3:27 pm

    Hello i watch all your videos. You have a good thing going. Im brwnd new to mining. I built my first rig and love it. Im minimg zencash but dont understand how you would cash out for usd. Cant shapeshift and i dont know of any exchanges that i can transfer to and sell. Any help would be great. Thanks

  • January 28, 2018 at 8:18 am

    Know if Jaxx will be supporting ZenCash anytime soon?


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