Which ZenCash Mining Pool is Most Profitable after HUGE Zen Price Increase?

The Test:
To calibrate these tests and ensure a fair comparison, I ran three identical Trios (made up of one 1070mini and one 1080Ti) right next to each other during the exact same time frame. You can verify the full ledger of these ZenCash addresses below. Three new addresses were generated for this test to track accurate results.

MiningSpeed: znaJqU8HGd1WQSUxcrJUgpzb4aJChHqXwQE (verify on blockchain>)

Suprnova: znnkiiu9DgngkAdaGtRZVRugUKyHKs5aD7a (verify on blockchain >)

Zhash.prozngbfusZgh6kTN6SBKBqBSzTZj5iGA8j2Vs (verify on the blockchain>)

Projected Earnings:
Going into this test, the projected mining profitability of a Trio according to What to Mine is $7.54/day (0.3041 ZEN) or $6.22/day (0.2807 ZEN) after power costs. The network hashrate is around 40 Mh/s, which has pretty much quadrupled since the increase. The earnings are displayed next to each pool below and are reflective of ZEN at a $25 price point.

The Results:

Miningspeed (0.322 ZEN or $8.05 in 24 hours)
The first pool I chose was Miningspeed. Miningspeed went down for about 30 minutes this morning during the test, so the dip in the graph below is from the pool, not the rig. If you take a look at the earnings below I’ve been paid out 0.25 ZEN, I’ve got a pending balance of 0.031, and I have an immature balance of 0.0412, which when combined, comes out to a total of 0.322 ZEN in 24 hours. You can follow the results of this pool here

mining speed results

Suprnova (0.3385 ZEN or $8.40 in 24 hours)
Now we come over to Suprnova, the biggest pool of them all. The credit and earning numbers actually get a little messed up on Suprnova sometimes. If you’re looking for a true representation of your numbers, the best thing to do is to check your wallet. However, for the purposes of this test, we’re going to add the 0.2990 show on the wallet to the 0.0289 and 0.0116 pending payouts, which brings us up to 0.3395. After a transaction fee of 0.001, the total earnings of Suprnova will come out to 0.3385 ZEN. If you look at our earnings, we’ve been paid out 0.299, but we actually have a total of 0. 


Zhash.pro (0.356 ZEN or $8.90 in 24 hours)
In about 24 hours, I made 0.356 ZEN on this pool. According to these stats, Zhash would be the most profitable pool in this brief test. There are many factors, including luck, that contribute the result of these tests, but all the pools in this test ranged around the same earnings, which is a good sign for all of them. You can follow the results of the Zhash pool here


Final Results:
When we calculated the 0.356 ZEN earnings on Zhash, our profits came out to about $8.90, when ZEN is at $25. That’s 15-20% higher than the projected earnings on What to Mine, which is really cool to see. Really all three of the pools we tested ran well above the projected earnings through What to Mine. Now, we realize What to Mine is just a good tool to use to estimate earnings, but it has been pretty accurate when it comes to predicting earnings. I’m not complaining that I’m earning more though!

More about Zhash

Right now Zhash.pro has a 0.5% fee; if you saw my earlier video on Zhash you may recall that it used to have a 0% fee. If you were an early adopter of Zhash and had that 0% fee previously, you may still maintain that 0% fee for life! Simply contact the pool owner at you support@zhash.pro.

Other features
There are some other features that make Zhash.pro unique. For one, if you find a block, you get a 1000 bonus hashrate for 24 hours. The pool owner is also going to be doing some monthly giveaways, including risers and a motherboard. You can take the items or take the payout in maybe Zen or Bitcoin, but just the fact that he’s doing that is really cool. I haven’t seen that on other pools.

Another feature of Zhash is that they distribute the earnings made by pool hoppers, which is really beneficial to the little guys. If you notice in pools like Luckpool, there will be spikes in the pool history graphs and those are due to big farms coming on the pool, mining, and then leaving, which makes it hard for smaller mining operations to be profitable. So this feature is really good for miners.

If you recall my last review of Zhash, you might remember I pointed out some small issues I had with the pool, which have been completely resolved since the pool had a complete redesign of the front and back end. The pool owner upgraded to a much more advanced and high speed platform.

For everyone asking what mining pool I recommend for mining ZenCash right now, it’s Zhash.pro. It was the most profitable, had the lowest fee, has a cool pool operator, there are giveaways, and pool hoppers are kicked. The pool has all the right things. Otherwise, you can add your miner to the giant Suprnova pool and hope for the best.

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One thought on “Which ZenCash Mining Pool is Most Profitable after HUGE Zen Price Increase?

  • December 24, 2017 at 9:23 pm

    I downloaded the software AND the wallet and it’s running, but my screen keeps showing Temp, Power Usage with each new work found. I have the newest drivers and have no idea what’s going on. I’d love to send you a few screen shots. Temp is fine. Every few new work detections I get an error that the GPU is shut down – then restarts and all is ok for a few minutes. ???


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